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MovieBird 24

Quiet, compact and powerful

A camera crane that has proven itself many times over in film and TV


The Moviebird 24 telescopic crane can be used with all popular cameras and remote heads, from lightweight Stanton to stabilized Scorpio remote heads.
The Oscar-winning belt drive is fully protected, minimizing the risk of injury. Telescopic speed and smoothness are exceptional. The camera crane is operated by one operator and one specially trained panning operator.
The Moviebird 24 is delivered complete with a Stanton remote head / control panel and in a trailer and requires a set-up time of approximately 1.5 hours.

MovieBird 24 - Technical overview

Technical data

Lens height:
max. 9m
1,5m - 8,5m
min. 1m/h - max. 2 m/sec
80 kg
Length to rear:
1,90m (without bracket)
Total weight:
approx. 1.200 kg
1,45m x 1,45m
Transport height:
ca. 2m

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